Enrichment Teacher-Music-Multisite position

Job Details

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Come join us at Endeavor Schools at AMIS as an Enrichment Music Teacher!

Locations are:

AMIS-Cliff Valley

1970 Cliff Valley Way NE #250 Atlanta, GA 30329

AMIS-Druid Hills

1215 South Ponce De Leon Ave NE Atlanta, GA30306

We are seeking a talented and enthusiastic Music Teacher to join our team and teach music across multiple preschool and elementary school sites.

The ideal candidate will have a strong passion for music education and a proven ability to engage and inspire young children through a dynamic and comprehensive music curriculum. This role involves traveling between various locations, implementing diverse music programs, and fostering a love for music among students.

Key Responsibilities:

Curriculum Development and Implementation:

Design and implement an age-appropriate music curriculum that covers various aspects of music education, including singing, instrument playing, music theory, and music appreciation.
Create lesson plans that cater to the developmental stages of preschool and elementary students, ensuring a balance of learning and fun.
Adapt teaching methods and instructional materials to meet the varying needs and interests of students at different sites.

Classroom Instruction:

Teach music classes to students ranging from preschool through elementary grades, ensuring an engaging and supportive learning environment.
Introduce students to basic concepts of rhythm, melody, harmony, and musical notation.
Encourage students to explore their musical abilities and express themselves through individual and group performances.

Travel and Site Coordination:

Travel between multiple school sites to deliver music lessons, maintaining a consistent and high-quality teaching experience across all locations.
Coordinate schedules with site administrators to ensure smooth transitions and effective use of time.
Manage and transport necessary teaching materials and instruments between sites.
Student Assessment and Feedback:

Assess and document student progress, providing constructive feedback to help students improve their musical skills.
Prepare progress reports and communicate effectively with parents about their child's musical development and achievements.

Classroom Management:

Maintain a well-organized and safe music classroom environment.
Establish and enforce rules for behavior and procedures to maintain order among students.
Manage classroom materials and instruments, ensuring they are used responsibly and maintained properly.
Performances and Events:

Organize and conduct student performances, recitals, and musical events within the schools and the community.
Collaborate with school staff to integrate music into school-wide events and activities.
Plan and oversee music-related extracurricular activities or clubs, as applicable.
Collaboration and Professional Development:

Collaborate with other teachers and staff to integrate music into the broader school curriculum.
Participate in staff meetings, professional development workshops, and continuing education opportunities to stay current with best practices in music education.
Communicate effectively with parents, providing updates on classroom activities and student progress.

Promotion of Music and Creativity:

Foster an environment that encourages students to appreciate and engage with music.
Inspire students to develop their own musical interests and talents.
Promote cultural awareness and appreciation for diverse musical traditions.

Pay Range

USD $20.00 - USD $25.00 /Hr.