Endeavor Plus Guide

Do you want to change the world?

At Endeavor Schools we are changing the world one child at a time. Endeavor Schools is a growing family of private schools committed to creating better education for a better world.

Making a significant, lasting, positive difference in the communities we serve begins and ends with our people. At Endeavor Schools, we are always recruiting for team members who have the courage, skills, experience, and desire to help us strengthen our team and deliver on the promises we make to the families that we serve.

Endeavor Plus is an after-school enrichment program, bringing fun and educational activities to Preschool students. We are currently seeking an Endeavor Plus Guide to teach and inspire students at Montessori Academy Vickery in Cumming, GA. Guides are individuals who have the most important skill in the world: the ability to teach and work with children. In Endeavor Plus, we look for people who have a rapport with young people who can then help deliver an uplifting and enriching experience. It's important to note that Guide's do NOT need to have experience in a given area, such as Soccer or Technology. We've designed the sessions such that any information and instruction is already set up as well as the structure of the class. Above all, if you can manage and motivate a group of young students, you can be an E+ GUIDE!

This position will work on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 2PM to 5PM. The rate of pay is $30/hour.

  • Have FUN!
    • Children are incredibly intuitive and empathic. If they see and feel your joy, they will experience it as well! When the class is fun, it is effective and impactful.
  • Collect/Return Students and Take Attendance
    • Guides will need to follow the provided Roster and get the students from their classes, take attendance, and return them to their appropriate rooms upon completion.
  • Lead and Manage a Group of Children
    • The most important thing a Guide can do is motivate and direct the children. Your mission is to be FUN, SAFE, and EFFECTIVE!
  • Implement Session Lesson Plan
    • Each session has already been planned out for you, laid out step-by-step. We're not asking any of our Guides to figure out how to explain "What is Defense?" to the students. We have that taken care of and just need our Guides to work with the script and plan we have for each class. Since we base the following lessons on what we teach in each class, it is vital that we cover all of the material and skills in the plan for each session.
  • Meet Session Goals
    • As stated above, later lessons are built on the assumption that the students have been exposed to certain concepts and skills. For that reason, it is important go work on all of the skills and drills in the lesson. That said, we don't have to stress that the students master anything in a single go or completely master any given concept. They just have to introduced to them and familiar with them. These classes are a journey.
  • Complete Weekly Parent Engagement Reports
    • Involving and informing the parents is just as important as teaching the classes! We cannot overstate how vital it is to include the parents on this journey. After each class, Guides sit down at a computer and fill out a quick report for each child on our website which is then automatically sent to their family.

Example Day:

The following is an example of a typical day for a Guide:

2:00-2:05 Check-in with OC. Get Roster/Lesson and any other needed info

2:05-2:15 Set-up Class area and Collect Students

2:15-3:00 Guide the session

3:00-3:05 Return Students, Collect Second Group

3:05-3:50 Guide second session

3:50-3:55 Return Students

3:55-4:15 Fill out Parent Engagement Reports

Why work for us? Because we truly care about our people!

Endeavor Schools is a growing family of private schools that is united by the belief that families deserve schools that are worthy of their trust. The mission of Endeavor Schools is to empower our schools with the tools, resources, and support required to deliver on the promises made to our children and families. Our vision is to create optimal teaching and learning environments that transform the lives of those we serve.

Endeavor Schools is an equal-opportunity employer.

Experience and EducationWhether or not you have experience working in schools, you may be qualified to work with us. The most important quality is that you love working with children.